Co Do

196 Victoria St Richmond

After a disappointing meal last week (see The Great Disappointment), Niece Cindy and Aunty Mary were desperately seeking some good pho. Ninh Kieu was still suspiciously closed and has thus far managed to elude our “constructive criticism.” Twice. Maybe they’ve become cognizant of our influential blog (ha!) and want to avoid our patronage?  Regardless, Niece Cindy is beginning to suspect they are in the money laundering business.

Our patience was running low and we were in dire need of a decent meal to satisfy our appetites. As we strolled down Victoria Street (gee that Dessert Story sprang up quickly!) looking for our next victim destination, we came upon the purple palace that is ‘Co Do’. Aunty Mary and The Android are regulars at this establishment and hold it in high esteem. In fact, The Android, despite a complete lack of social skills (hence his nickname) is often referred to as “friend” by one of the waiters. Having never tried their take on rare beef and beef balls, we entered with high expectations. We were not disappointed. 

IMG_1448     IMG_1447

While waiting for their food, Aunty Mary and Niece Cindy had their usual weekly catch up. Niece Cindy was tired from her Arrested Development marathon session the night before and proceeded to subject Aunty Mary to constant ramblings about Eurovision and incompetent people (her NFP Marketing uni group). Aunty Mary nodded her head in agreement whilst feigning interest and secretly longed for good pho. That was when Aunty Mary noticed a left over noodle in front of her. The ability to wipe down a table might have been lost on the waiter. Of course, Aunty Mary’s immediate (and VERY normal) reaction was to take a photo of his carelessness. Finally! People she could relate to!


Figure 1: Incompetence

This was by far the most pleasing bowl of pho we have had in our long history of pho blogging. The broth was nice and hot, just what you need on a cold wintery day (Melbourne’s weak excuse for autumn). And the rare beef was actually RARE. Aunty Mary’s day just got that little bit better (at which point Niece Cindy, as she edits this post, wishes to remind her that her spelling is appalling. And that she’s also barren and betrothed to a robot).  They were a bit stingy with the bean sprouts, lemon and basil and we only had 1 beef ball in our pho. ONE! (this was quartered to give the illusion of more)   

IMG_1445     IMG_1442

Whilst it didn’t look very appealing, the 3 coloured drink was very nice. That’s all Niece Cindy can really remember. Aunty Mary’s iced white coffee was good, a bit too frothy, but that’s just a minor complaint.

image     IMG_1443

Niece Cindy and Aunty Mary were immediately seated and given menus. Within 5 minutes our orders had been taken. Tea was again poured clumsily by Niece Cindy, leaving a warm puddle on the table, which we had to sacrifice our serviette to wipe up. Luckily, Niece Cindy is not pursuing a career in hospitality, she wouldn’t last a day. At least she has her French to fall back on. Our pho arrived soon after; whilst the waitstaff have no inclination to call Aunty Mary “friend” or speak to her in Vietnamese, they were fast.

IMG_1444     image

Ambiance & Environment
Besides from the aforementioned stray noodle on the table, this restaurant is relatively clean. Sur la table, a wide variety of condiments were available, as were sauce plates and fresh chilli. However, it came to our attention that we were provided with only one serviette. Where were those metal serviette holder things that are ubiquitous in pho restaurants? WHERE? Pho is an emotional dish and Niece Cindy needs unlimited tissue access, mainly to wipe up spilt tea. On a side note, we also got to see Miss KFC’s boyfriend’s (The Colonel) doppelganger in dwarf form! This restaurant attracts awesome customers of all shapes and sizes.

Saving the best till last, the toilets are located at the rear down a long turquoise corridor. The facilities met all expectations of cleanliness for a typical restaurant, with a plunger provided for those unexpected blockages.


Overall Rating
Niece Cindy: 9 (I was lingering on 8, but settled on 9 cos we got to see The Colonel’s doppelganger)
Aunty Mary: 8 (Why don’t they like me?)

Price: $24

(Thanks for paying Aunty Mary)

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