Pho Chu The

270 Victoria St, Richmond.

Recommended by The Local Cleaner (of Vietnamese descent), we went here with high hopes, especially as this would be our ‘first’ blog entry. Trusting in The Local Cleaner’s taste buds, who has a palate for alcohol and gluten goods, Aunty Mary should of known this was a disaster in waiting.

The broth was salty. Really. Salty. Someone in the kitchen was over zealous with the fish sauce and MSG. The accompanying garnishes were somewhat fresh with a generous helping of basil with the high point being additional garnish of coriander and red onions. Some one obviously splashed out! When it was served to us in the piping hot salty broth, the beef was definitely tender and rare. In terms of condiments and garnishes on the table, fresh chilli was available, as well as red onion! We (Niece Cindy) were pretty impressed. And the beef to noodle ratio? Goldilocks moment, it was just right.


Rare Beef & Beef Ball Pho

Aunty Mary’s iced white coffee: Just the right amount of sugar, ice and Nescafe.
Niece Cindy’s 3 colour drink: It was aight. The tapioca strips had the texture of ginger and stuck to Niece Cindy’s teeth.
Complimentary tea was available.


Fast and friendly. Aunty Mary was seated immediately (because the restaurant was empty). Whilst waiting for the arrival of Niece Cindy, the waiter took pity on Aunty Mary’s loneliness and offered to make her pho first and Niece Cindy’s pho upon arrival. Kudos waitstaff!

Ambiance & Environment
Forgot to take a photo of the bathroom (amateur mistake), but it seemed pretty clean to Niece Cindy whilst she picked tapioca strips out of her teeth. A selection of chopsticks, spoons and forks were available. Something for all ethnic groups!

Overall Rating
Aunty Mary: 6.5
Niece Cindy: 7

Price: $24
(Thanks for paying Aunty Mary)

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